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Football is one of the world’s most popular team sports, involving two eleven vying teams to score points by kicking a ball into the opposing team’s net. The team with the most points or goals wins the match. Given its immense popularity, it’s no surprise that players who work in leagues such as the Premier League, which boasts the world’s very best, are world-renowned superstars. These names include Wayne Rooney for Manchester United, Lionel Messi for Barcelona, Andrés Iniesta for Barcelona, Fernando Torres for Atlético Madrid, Nani for Valencia, Xavi for Al Sadd, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas for Porto, David Beckham for Manchester United. Think you can find them all in this word search?

Words In This Word Search

Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, Torres, Casillas, Messi, Nani, Bebe, Xavi, Iniesta


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