Words With The "sh" Sound Word Search Puzzle

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The English language is a great thing. For those who learn it as a first language as a child, it can seem like the most basic thing – but for those attempting to pick it up later in life, it can be a lot more complex than anticipated. An example of this comes in the form of the "sh" sound. It's a simple sound, you know how to make it, it sounds the same to us all, but there is an abundance of ways it is made in English. Consider the words "ancient", "special", "lotion", "official", "patient", "essential" and "mission". All differently spelled, all making the same sound in the middle. Think you can find more of them?

Words In This Word Search

Mission, Permission, Session, Social, Special, Official, Ancient, Sufficient, Patient, Essential, Substantial, Partial, Lotion, Portion, Condition, Ocean, Asia, Asian, Russia, Russian, Persia, Persian, Gracious, Delicious, Ambitious, Beige, Massage, Sugar, Sure, Insurance, Chef, Machine, Champagne, Brochure, Moustache