Bulgarian Holidays Word Search Puzzle

The Republic of Bulgaria is a south-eastern European country bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. It boasts a population of over 7 million people and covers a territory of 110,994 square kilometres. The interesting thing about Bulgaria is its interesting holiday traditions celebrated throughout the year. For example, in Bulgaria, Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, and he has a day of the year dedicated to him on 6 December called "Nikulden". Another holiday, called Surcaki, involves children lightly beating adults on the back with sticks! See if you can spot all of Bulgaria’s holidays in this Bulgarian puzzle.

Words In This Word Search

Budni Vecher, Survaki, Trifonovden, Baba Marta Den, Sirni Zagovezni, Kukerovden, Todorovden, Blagovets, Lazarovden, Tsvetnitsa, Velikden, Kostadinovden, Arkhangelovden, Nikulden


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