Chess Game Online

  • Click on difficulty level with cursor to begin.
  • Clicking on a piece with your cursor will highlight its possible moves.
  • Click on one of the destination squares to move the piece.
  • Play follows the rules of chess, keep going until your opponent’s king is in checkmate position.
Test your mettle on the chess board in the all time favorite, battle of wits, knowledge, and strategy. Chess game is the ultimate computer chess that puts you in command of the army of pawns, knights, the Queen and the all important King. If you breathe and live chess, then this internet chess game is for you. Choose your difficulty. Can you handle the advanced difficulty, or are you merely a beginner? Countless game play options are available at your disposal as you create the best strategy for your army. The chess board is your ultimate battlefield. The worldwide phenomenon of chess playing is now available online with Chess Game. The basics of each unit are applied. The powers and movements of the pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, the Queen and the King are there. Use them to ultimately bring the enemy s King down into submission. This will not be easy though. Find the weak links in their army, and crack them open to expose their King. Be ready for the attack and anticipate each move and countermoves. This will be a war of attrition, so prepare your mind for a grueling IQ match. Study your opponent. Know your enemy. And master your army on the chess board.