Mancala Game


The object of this game is to collect as many gems in your mancla (the rightmost cup) as possible. You and your opponentwill take turns to move the gems according to the following rules:

  • You can only move the game on your side.
  • Each time you move, you pick up all the game in a cup and distribute them in a counter clockwise direction to the next cup
  • If the last gem of a move landed on your mancala,then you can move again
  • If the last gem of a move landed on an empty cup on your side and and there are some gems in the opposite cup, then the gems in the two cups will be captured in your mancala

This is a well-known Arabic board game that dates back to the ancient times. Thankfully, it is now made accessible to the online community, so that everyone can enjoy it anywhere in the world and play it anytime you want. The goal of this game is to collect the most number of gems into your cup or as they call it, in your mancala. This is a fun and light mathematical game that challenges you to come up with the best strategy on how to get most, if not all of the gems, from both sides to yours. There are several ways you can do this. One way is to take note of the number of gems you have in your cup, before you take them all out and place each inside the next available cups. This is so that when your last gem lands on the cup, you can collect all the gems inside that cup and in the cup parallel to it. When you are able to master this, you would easily be able to win every round of this game. Practice makes perfect and you could try scoring high again and again until you would be able to come up with the best plan to hit the most number of points.