Math Lines Game


Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. Note that you can use one ball to destroy a group of same numbered balls.


This is a simple arithmetic game infused with a ball-shooting twist that is guaranteed to make you enjoy your usual online rendezvous. The game is defined by balls that have numbers from 1-9 inside them. Your goal is to destroy all the balls by shooting them towards the group of moving balls. The balls should total to 10 for you to destroy them. For example, your shooting ball is number 1, you shoot it towards the moving ball that is number 9. Or if your shooting ball is a 4, then you should shoot it towards a ball of 6. When you do this, both balls are destroyed. Another technique for quickly winning the game is that when you shoot a ball towards another ball, aside the number totaling to 10, if the number in the shooting ball is also of the same group number of the balls beside the moving ball, you will destroy all the same-numbered balls as well. This will quickly help you finish up all the balls faster. You will have to destroy all the balls to advance to the next level. Get higher points when you end the game the farthest from the finish line. Your distance from the end point is counted as bonus points, which will make your score higher. Be quick with your arithmetic skills and shoot those balls in the right direction!