Mahjongg II Game

In this game there will be a set of mahjongg tiles piled up together. You need to remove the mahjonggs pair by pair until all the mahjonggs are gone. You can match a mahjongg only if it is not blocked from both sides and that it does not have any other tiles stacked above it. When you finish a set, you will be promoted to the next level. There are a total of 3 levels. The faster you finish a level, the higher the score you get.

Your favorite 3D Mahjong game on the internet now has a more challenging game play. Mahjongg II is your classic Mahjong favorite, but now with a twist of different stacks to double the trouble for your gaming mind. Is it on this stack, or is it on that one? Find the tile to pair up with, and make sure each stack will be clear. Chinese Mahjong's allure and addictive game play is taken to another level with Mahjongg II.

Pick out pairing tiles from the top, and work your way to the bottom of each stack. Make sure you don't get stuck and trap all of the remaining pairs. Find a way to strategically release all tiles one by one so you can clear out the stacks. Also remember that the moment you start the game, the timer starts counting too. This will affect your final score if you take too much time. Always be on your toes as you make strategy, also make haste. The longer you take to clear the stack, the lower your final score will be. This second version of the original game gives you double the trouble and double the fun. With more challenges to play for, a lot is at stake in Mahjongg II.