Wolf, Sheep And Cabbage Game


Move the wolf, sheep and cabbage to the opposite shore using the boat. Each time the boat can only take one item and so multiple crosses is necessary. Be careful, when the man is not around, the wolf will eat the sheep, and the sheep will eat the cabbage.


The Wolf will eat the Sheep in the wolf habitat, the Sheep will eat the Cabbage, and the Man takes everything across. Sounds simple enough right? Here's the catch, only one can be brought across at a time, by the Man on his little boat. Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage is a game of choices. It tests your analytical skills by making you decide which one to take across in each turn. Bearing in mind the wolf facts that a wolf will obviously eat the sheep in a wolf habitat, how will you play the sheep when you need to keep it out of wolf range? And if you play wolf, how will you protect the cabbage from the sheep? The simplicity of clicking on the object to load, and then clicking to move the boat across the river, and then unloading it on the other side makes it even more motivating to get a high score. This ultimate brain game will put you under pressure with the score not only depending on the success of your logistical nightmare, but also on the speed of the process. You must be decisive and transport the right thing at once, one at a time, to get the best possible score.

Wolf, Sheep And Cabbage Tips

Solution to the Problem

Move the sheep to the left

Move the wolf to the left

Move the sheep back to the right

Move the cabbage to the left

Finally, move the sheep to the left