Word Scramble II Game

  • Point and click on start button with cursor and mouse to begin.
  • Form words of three letters or more using the letters given by the computer. Drag and place in empty box above letters with mouse or use letter keys. The delete key will remove letters and put them back in the draw box. You can also drag them back.
  • You will get an extra bonus if you make all the words possible and even more points if you form words very quickly.
  • You must finish making words before the time runs out.

Your favorite online word challenge game is back with an exciting new format! Introducing Word Scramble II, it’s the latest remake of your favorite jumbled word composer. Shuffle through the letters to create the longest possible word from them. Type in the letters to form short words that you can unscramble from the given letters to maximize your scores. Don’t forget about the time element that continues to count down to zero as you work your way to complete the list of missing words. Talk about an exhilarating test experience!

A true to form brain scrambler that will make you use up your brain cells to think quickly of the different letter combinations to form the words. Type in as much as you like, but make sure your guesses are right. This game is not just about your vocabulary skills, but also of your typing skills. The faster you type, the more chances you get the words in, to complete the blanks. Word Scramble II is a free online word game that you can play all day, to polish your command of the myriads of English words available at your disposal. It’s time to think hard, type fast, shuffle the letters, and win the top score!