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Free Online Hangman Games

Free Online Hangman Games
Hangman games are educational word puzzles that expand your vocabulary and are a fun way to learn and teach. These word search puzzles are also a great way to:
  • Strengthen and improve your vocabulary
  • Help children learn names, places & more
  • Have fun while learning!

How To Play

To Solve the word searches made on ProProfs, follow the instructions below:
  • Click on one of the letters that you think might be in the word. If it is in the word, it will appear in all the blanks where it is supposed to be. If not,
  • Continue clicking the letters you think are in the word until the word is finished.
  • If you make too many wrong guesses and the person is constructed entirely before the word is finished, your game is over. Finish quickly to get the higher score.
How To Play

Tips To make It Easier

Tips To Make It Easier
    Most hangman games are not too dificult, but like any word game they can sometimes be tricky. These tips should help you solve the puzzle and win.
  • Choose the most common letters first: It is best to start with the most common letters used in the English and not more obscure letters like q or x. Begin by choosing letters like a,e,r,s,t,l,n.
  • Place a vowel: Every word needs a vowel, so try to place a vowel in a word right away. If you have a lot of empty spaces and a lot of consonants, you are probably missing a vowel.
  • Guess the final letters: After a few letters, you may be able to guess the final word. Guess the final letters to see if you are correct.

Why Hangman Games

Hangman games are a great way to test your vocabulary. Childern love them and these can be excellent tool for teachers to help their students expand their vocabulary. Students can learn new words, names of significant places or histrocial persons.
Create your own Hangman games on ProProfs and share with friends!
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