Ghost Man Advanced Game

In this game you should move Ghost Man to eat all the foods in the maze, there will be a ghost chasing you and you should get away from them. There are also special power foods scattered throughout the maze and after you've eaten such foods, you will become invincible for a while and be able to eat the ghosts as well. The number of ghosts chasing you will increase as the game progresses.

Remember the 80s when you used to play video games with friends and neighbors in front of your TV sets, while your mom makes your favorite brownies with some orange juice on the side? If you do, then you probably belong to the cool generation of Pacman Kids!

Now when you suddenly have the urge of playing Pac Man again, you don't have to worry about dusting up your old Pac Man video game. The Ghost Man Advanced Game brings you the pleasure of playing Pacman online. Feed Ghost Man with his snacks all over the maze, and try to avoid the Pacman Ghosts trying to feed on Ghost Man as well. Take the Red food to turn Ghost Man into and invincible super muncher for a limited time, and eat those pesky Pacman Ghosts to send them back to their cages once again. Be careful though as the power is only temporary and could backfire if you don't chase down those Pacman Ghosts or eat up those yellow snacks fast enough. So be quick and don't put yourself in a tight spot and be trapped. Your strategy here and quick decision making is crucial. So what are you waiting for? Munch those crunchy snacks away, and get the top score for the month!