Checkers Game

  • Click on skill level and number of players with cursor to start.
  • Your movable checkers will be highlighted in green. Click on one with cursor and then click on a destination square to move it.
  • Move your checkers to jump your opponent and avoid getting jumped yourself.
  • Play alternates between players, whether two humans or human versus computer.
  • Capture all your opponents’ checkers or trap his or her checkers so they can’t be moved to win.

Checkers Game is a game of strategy and risks that will test your mind to the limit. Based on the traditional Chinese Checkers board game, Checkers brings the old school Checker Board and transforms it online into internet Checkers. The goal of this game is to move all of your checkers into the opposite side of the checker board. You can move each checker with just a single space, or jump through other checkers to gain the upper hand. You can jump over your own checkers, and you can also jump over your opponent's checkers. So that means that your opponent can also do the same.

Each bold attempt that you take will have risks and repercussions across the board. The computer checkers opponent will not be so kind if you give them room to take advantage of you. Stave off your opponent's aggressive moves by protecting your spaces. At the same time, find the cracks in the opponent's defense so you can capitalize on the weak spots. This is a game of risks and rewards, so the choice is yours. Bragging rights are at stake here. Will you bask in the glory of a hero, or cower down in shame as the goat.