Play Trickycups Game Online

How to Play Trickycups ?

1) Keep an eye on which cup is hiding the coin or coins
2) After they finish moving, click on the cup or cups that have coins underneath


Have you been to fairgrounds and seen the game where a coin or ball is placed under a cup, the cups are moved around, and then you have to guess which cup it's under? Easy, huh? Well let's see how easy it is when you play Sticky Cup. There are three cups, one of which has a coin, and after they finish switching around, simply click on the cup with the coin in it. That's just the first level. As the levels progress, you'll be dealing with more coins and more cups, now it isn't so easy. To make it even more challenging, you'll find that sometimes there are fake switches, where the cup moves but the coin stays in the same spot. Keep your eyes peeled at all times, as you play this truly classic game.