Memory Game

This is probably the oldest memory game. In this game you pick up cards pair by pair. If the cards are not the same, they will be covered up again and then you can choose another card, if you come up with a picture that you've seen before, then you can use your memory to recite the position of that card and make a match.

Sometimes we keep on forgetting even the simplest things in our day to day lives. Leaving your keys someplace, missing your phone, or showing up late at a forgotten event at school, are often signs of a weak memory. Then it's time for a memory upgrade. Just like upgrading the memory chips of your PC memory, or your laptop memory, your brain memory can also be upgraded. Your brain memory, is a powerful tool that needs to be sharpened every once in a while.

This simple but effective online Memory Game can help enhance your brain's memory skills by flexing your brain's memory muscles. Pick a card from the board and then find its matching image. If it matches, then the cards disappear, thereby narrowing down your choices. If it doesn't match, then make it a point to remember the image, and its location on the board. You can guess as much as you want, bearing in mind, that you lose points for the number of wrong guesses. So try as hard as you can to remember each card that you've opened. The lesser number of tries to complete the board, the higher your overall score would be. Memory Game is definitely an easy and fun way to sharpen your brain memory skills.