Pattern Memory Game

In this game you will be given a grid of blocks, some of the grids will be highlighted for a moment, you need to memorise the pattern of the highlighted blocks and then reproduce the pattern. As the game progresses the grid will be larger and the number o

A lot of people complain about having bad memories, and a lot of medical promises are made to answer that seemingly common problem. Why don't you sit down and take the time to engage in this fun but rewarding game instead? Help yourself and play this challenge, which aims to enhance your memory skills! This fun-filled puzzle is a common memory game that is defined by blocks and patterns that you will need to memorize in the quickest way possible. The blocks will be briefly highlighted and you will need to remember the patterns generated by the computer. Give your limbic system or your medial temporal lobe a good exercise as you push yourself to reproduce those patterns quickly. The real challenge is when the level progresses. The grid becomes larger and larger, and the patterns longer and even more complicated. Dare yourself to finish the game faster with the most number of points, and you will find your memory improving without you even having to spend extra bucks on those memory-enhancing drugs. Plus you get to enjoy yourself at the comfort of your own homes, or wherever you feel like playing it. If you love online games, why not play the kind of games wherein you could reap not just good points but a newly improved memory as well?