Sliding Block Puzzle Game

  • Click on one of the white buttons with cursor to choose your puzzle.
  • Click, hold, and drag the colored blocks to move them into the empty spaces in the frame one at a time.
  • Repeat and move the red block progressively to the frame exit and out of the frame.

Sometimes the simple puzzle games can be the hardest ones to figure out. Sliding Block Puzzle Game would seem simple at first glance, with a number of yellow blocks just inside a small box, a single red block, and an opening. From the looks of the figures, it may seem like a mere kids block game. The goal here is to send that single red block outside the box through the opening. This IQ game of block online relies heavily on your ability to slide number one block which is the priority red block, around the box to pave the way for it to send it out of the box. So you really need to think outside of the box on this one.

The addition of a time element to this game will amp up the difficulty level of this Sliding Block Puzzle Game. The greater challenge however, lies on the stages ahead. For each block you successfully slide out, you get to proceed to the next level. These level progresses will also reflect on the advancing difficulty of the game. Expect tougher, and more mind boggling puzzles ahead and be the best puzzle solver there is by taking the top score of the game.

Sliding Block Puzzle Tips

Level 1 Solution

Level 2 Solution

The following is one of the solutions:

Level 3 Solution

The following is one of the solutions: