A Maze Race Game

  • Click on start with mouse and cursor to begin the game.
  • Direct your green ball to the flag using the arrow keys. Holding them down will make your ball travel farther in one move.
  • Find the shortest path and outrun the red ball. You win if you reach the flag first. Look out for walls that block your path!
  • The further distance the red ball is from the flag when you reach the flag, the more points you will get.
  • If the red ball gets to the flag first, your game is over!

In this thrilling game, you would have to beat the computer and get out of the maze first! Keep in mind that you are the green player, and the computer goes as the red. Finish the maze as fast as you can because when the red player gets to the flag first, then the game is over! Train your eye to track down all dead ends and avoid them as swiftly as you can to save time and so that you can get to the flag quicker. Keep track of all dead ends, while you train your eye to find quickly find the shortest way towards the flag, while all the time minding the progress of the red ball. It can be challenging but the game has an exhilarating feel to it, especially if you play it with the game sounds on full blast. Remember that the number of points incurred, upon reaching the flag, depends on how far the red player is from the finish line. The closer it is to the flag, the lesser your points are. Just keep in mind that you are smarter than a machine, so you better win the game on every level! Indulge yourself and enjoy this simple but extremely fun game!