Ball Drop Game


1) Look at the cups and boards
2) Memorize the boards before they disappear
3) When the ball appears, click on the cup it would drop into if the boards were still there


If you drop a ball above a cup, it will land in it, right? That's just basic physics, but when you're after a fun game to while away the hours you want something a little more challenging, like Ball Drop Memory. Here's how it works. At the bottom of the screen you'll see some cups. Above it you'll see a board or boards. Your task is to work out which cup the ball will fall into. Here's the tricky bit, after three seconds the boards become invisible and then the ball appears. You have to quickly recall where the boards where, and then work out which cup the ball will drop into. The cups and boards increase as the game gets tougher, so are you ready to challenge yourself with the Ball Drop Memory game?