Pool Practice Game

  • Pop all the red balls into the pockets. 
  • Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.

Be the next Magician or Buddy Hall and polish up your skills on this technique based table game that has millions of players captivated. Pool Practice Game helps you find those unique angles and bank shots that will amaze your competition the next time you play billiards. This pool internet game tests your imagination and challenges your ability to manage a balance between your approach to the shot and the power needed to let the white ball hit the red balls to lead them into the pockets all over the table. It's also a perfect kid's pool game since it develops their brains to understand the basics of geometry, and physics, applied into direct actions.

The goal of the game is not just to help your practice your pool or billiards skills, but it also gauges your own level of talent. The scores can assist you to improve each time you play the game. Each score you put up will be a new challenge for you as it gets higher and higher. With random placements of the red balls, you have to plan more than one step ahead of each shot. Sooner or later, you'll play like the legends and plan all those ten shots from the get go. Now, defy the odds and fire away.