Driver Ed Brain Teaser

Class D basic drivers License
All Cars except Motorcycles
Class A,B,C, Commercial License
Trucks, Buses, Hazmat
Class E-
Motorcycle. Either Separate or endorsement on basic license.
Class F-
Moped license
How long Is a License good for
4 Years
Types of Restrictions for a license.
Corrective lenses, Prosthetic device, Mechanical Device, Hearing Impaired.
The Holder of a Validated GDL License Must not drive Between
11:01pm and 5:00Am
To obtain a probationary License the holder of a validated GDL student learners permit must:
Pass the road test, Be 17 years old, and Completed 6 months of supervised driving.
The Holder of a validated GDL Examination Permit (21 or older) is required to drive with supervision for:
3 Months
The holder of a probationary license under 21 may drive unsupervised when:
Pass the road test after 6 months of supervised driving With no suspension or postponements.
Driving Hours of GDL examination permit or probationary license (under 21) is restricted to drive after:
11:01Am to 5:00am
At what age is a holder of a GDL special learners permit eligible to obtain a basic license.
18 with completion of probationary requirements.
The Supervising driver for the holder of a validated GDL Permit must be
21 years old or older, Nj licensed driver, 3 Years licensed driver
Before Practice Driving you must have:
Registration, Valid Insurance card, Permit.
The Holder of a GDL special learners permit or examination permit (under 21) is limited to the following passenger restrictions:
Dependents and one additional person, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
A special Learner permit may be purchased by a driving instructor when:
Applicant is at least 16 years old and under 17, Parent or guardian signs consent, Enrolled in behind the wheel drivers ed course.
The holder of a GDL permit (21 or older) is restricted to driving what hours:
No restrictions
If a Student driver commits a traffic offense who is responsible?
Both student and instructor
What is the fine for violating any conditions of GDL permits or licenses?
100 Dollars plus suspension.
At the time of your road test what must you present?
Permit, registration, and insurance.
Any Vehicle operated by a GDL driver under 21 must display:
1 Reflective red decal on the front and rear license plate.
Road test Failure besides driving ability:
No inspection sticker, Poor Brakes, unclean interior,unsafe tires, Missing seat belts.
What must you always have in your possession while driving?
License, registrations, Insurance.
Change of address must be reported in
1 Week
Name Change must be reported in
2 Weeks
When you move to NJ your vehicle must be inspected within
14 days
What is a common mistake new drivers make when using the breaks?
Pressing the break too hard.
If you sell your car and do not buy another what should you do with your license plate?
Return them to mvc
If you lose your license, Who should it be reported to?
End Of Game