Tricky Riddles On Endangered Animals! Brain Teaser

I originally live in the Southeastern United States. I've lived most of my life in captivity and there are only hundreds of us left.
Red wolf
We're critically endangered. We are losing our homes and being faced with human violence.
Mountain Gorilla
Our biggest threat is ocean debris. Many of are losing are underwater homes.
I live in Antarctica. I slide on my stomach. I'm in a book with Mr. Popper. Who am I?
I live in the deep part of the ocean. I generate electricity and use it against my enemies and prey. I can detect my prey from five miles away. What am I?
Moray Eel
End Of Game
Endangered animals are those in danger and can extinct in the coming future if not saved properly. Their life is in danger due to habitat loss, poaching, and invasive species. Being a responsible citizen, it's our duty to protect the endangered species. This riddle is based on endangered species. Play this tricky brain-teasing game and learn more about these species.

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