Can You Name These Food Items? Brain Teaser

I give you energy but am one of your five a day and come in different colours. What am I?
I am an apple.
I can be green and I can be yellow but mostly if you bang me I turn brown. What am I?
I am a banana.
I am green and I can be red or as some people call me purple and sometimes I am squishy and I can be made into wine. What am I?
I am grapes.
I am a beer yet kids can drink me and not get drunk. What am I?
I am a root beer.
You cut me up, you chop me up, you dice me up and you cry over me. What am I?
I am an onion.
I am a bird, I am a fruit and I am a person. What am I?
I am a kiwi.
End Of Game
Are you craving for some food riddles with their answers? Expand your knowledge with these riddles related to food, fruits and vegetables. To solve this brain teasing game, you need to identify these characteristics and guess the name of the food items. Enjoy and play it with your friends.

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