Which Fruit Am I? Brain Teaser

I am a fruit. If you take away the first letter of my name I become a crime. Take away the first two letters of my name I become an animal. Take away the first and last letter of my name and I become a form of music. What am I?
I am a fruit, I provide lots of energy. I am tasty too. You can find me on calendar.
A red cap on my head, a stone in my throat, if you tell me the answer, I'll give you a Groat. What am I?
Hundreds of black smiths, in a dungeon with no doors or windows, when we leave, each of us builds his own dungeon. What am I?
I am a type of fruit, on which you can dine, to get another fruit, put me after pine. Can you guess my name?
My color is yellow, and I grow on trees. I’m a popular food, with apes and monkeys. Which fruit am I?
I am a fruit whose name sounds, as though there might be two of me. In a Christmas song there is a partridge in this kind of tree. Can you guess my name?
End Of Game
Do you love solving riddles, especially when it is based on fruits? Can you name a fruit that doesn't contain seed or a fruit that can be found on the calendar as well? There are many more amazing questions waiting for you. Here, you have to identify the fruit's name using the hints and characteristics given below. So, without wasting a single second, play this game and expand your knowledge while having fun.

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