Which Star Wars Character Am I? Brain Teaser

I am one of the main protagonists and a human female Jedi Master.
I am a green humanoid alien.
I am the captain of the Millennium Falcon.
Han Solo
I am the main antagonist of this franchise.
Darth Sidious
I am the princess of the planet Alderaan.
Princess Leia
I am a a Tatooine farmboy and one of the greatest Jedi.
Luke Skywalker
End Of Game
Star Wars is a space opera American franchise created by George Lucas. The series consists of advanced science-fictional devices and technology that made it a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. This brain teaser is related to the characters of the Star Wars series. Let's see how many characters you will identify here based on the characteristics given in the riddle. Star Wars fans will definitely enjoy this game.

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