Name That Transformers Character! Brain Teaser

I'm the fastest animal on the planet. Although my famous appearance came around in the late 90s, I had a sudden one in toy form, along with a tiny partner. Who am I?
My appearance changed every time something new was introduced to the Transformers. I'm well known and so is my nemesis. I am also highly respected by most of my comrades. (One is a complete moron.) Who am I?
In one Transformers series, I was a lackey of Ultra Magnus that needed some serious plastic surgery. In another series, I was an old, cranky man that was desperate to fulfill my goals. Who am I?
Sentinel Prime
I'm always the tough guy on the team. Optimus Prime can trust me with almost anything. Though, he reminds me to be careful at times. Who am I?
Fear not, Megatron. Cybertron shall remain as you leave it.
I have only one eye. (And I'm not the guy in your head right now.)
I'm like another Ironhide. My alternate mode as a battlefield monster makes me even crazier! Who am I?
I am Megatron's little pet; I have little pets as well. Who am I?
In the Transformers Movie toyline, a repaint of Energon Skyblast possessed the same name. Who am I?
I was alongside the Decepticons and voiced by Peter Cullen. Who am I?
My name is a word meaning ransacked, or destroyed. My attitude is somewhat similar to an Earth cat. Who am I?
I command four clones of me. I have also fought alongside Galvatron. Who am I?
In Generation 1, I am the leader of the rare female Autobots. Who am I? (Please spell out everything.)
Elita One
I am another version of Starscream, but I only lasted a season while Starscream, longer. Who am I?
Our voices echo in sharp tones. Earthlings consider us nuisances. Who are we? (Don't put a "the"!)
I always fight in battle with my Autobot comrades. I'm strong, popular, and heroic. My most common alternate mode is something you should avoid. Especially on the highway. Who am I?
Optimus Prime
My American twin is known as Leo Prime. Who am I?
Lio Convoy
My recent appearance has gained me some popularity. All because someone rode me like a horse. Who am I?
I am the most popular Transformer of all time as of right now. I can be found in the spring, spreading pollen to other flowers, causing people to get allergic reactions. Who am I?
I am the creator of all Transformers. The Omega Lock can help me with my toy Transformation. Who am I?
End Of Game