Invaders Game


1) Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to control your spaceship at the bottom of the screen
2) Press Spacebar to shoot down the alien ships
3) Shoot down the large hovering ship at the top of the screen to earn a firepower enhancement


Do you remember the classic game Space Invaders? Alien Intruders is a modern remake of Space Invaders where you must stop the alien army from making it to Earth. Rows of alien spaceships will make their way down from space, and it’s up to your high-powered ship to shoot them down. As you shoot more ships down, they’ll get faster and faster. During each level, a special ship will hover around at the top. Shoot it down to earn a firepower enhancement to shoot the enemies down faster! You will start the game with 3 lives, but if your spaceship is hit, one life will be deducted. You lose the game if all lives are gone or when the aliens reach the bottom of the screen. Stop the invasion now!