Identify These Music Artists! Brain Teaser

I study Buddhism and I have one child. I started my career making music videos for R&B group B2K
Jhene Aiko
I went to Fordham University and I sing about love & lost.
Lana Del Rey
My father was a famous actor in a sitcom and has done many movies. I have also been in movies.
Jaden Smith
I was the main character in the show Hannah Montana, I am queerneutral.
Miley Cyrus
I sing the loved/hated song "Baby"
Justin Bieber
End Of Game
How well do you know about the music industry, and who is your favorite music artist? Is he Justine Bieber, Hannah Montana. or Jaden Smith? Well, we've brought a tricky and fun-challenging brain-teasing game for you where you have to guess the names of music artists based on the given characteristics. You can take hints also.

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