Ersea Brain Teaser

What should the Daily average attendance be?
Who is categorically eligible?
Public assistance (TANF & SSI) homeless and Foster
How do families qualify for Head start?
1. Age 2. Income 3. Residency
What documents are needed to prove age of child
birth certificate, baptismal, passport and court papers such as foster
Who verifies income?
senior office assistant, ERSEA manager
What is needed to verify income?
Income taxes, w2, paycheck stubs, unemployment, TANF, SSI, statement
Who needs an income verification?
Every child who is accepted
When is a waitlist created?
At the beginning of each enrollment year.
What date is used to place a child on the waitlist
The date on the application. Its the date eligibility was determined
in order to be age eligible a child must turn 3 by ?
September 1st of the current school year.
10% of the enrollment slots are reserved for which students?
Children with an IEP
Who is the first person to identify a child as absent?
When is an absent child's family contacted? By who?
On the first day the child is absent by the teacher.
At what point is the FSS notified of an absent parent?
When the child has been absent 3 days and it is unknown why the child is out
What is done for a child who has been out 4 days
home visit, and assistance as needed
What is done with families who have chronic absenteeism?
FSS speaks with them. A letter is given. Management meets with parent. Child is dropped.
A vacancy or open slot is filled within?
30 days
What must be done if the program falls below 85% attendance
Attendance must be analyzed and report must be done. Along with a corrective action plane
What does ERSEA stand for
Eligibility Recruitment Selection Enrollment Attendance
Who monitors the daily attendance
Teacher, senior office assistants, FSS, ERSEA manager, TOSA and other managers
How many children have been absent 4 or more days from Aug to March 1st.
115 some of these have repeated this act but have not been counted twice.
based on the actual enrollment how many times has the program fallen below 85% in the current program year
once in January
What contact did the program provide to parent to determine the reason for absenteeism?
phone calls, letters, home visits
Being a recipient of food stamps makes you eligible for head start? True of False
Is there a statement verifying the child's eligibility? Yes or No What is the form called?
Yes Income verification
When is an age eligible, over income child enrolled?
Only after all categorically and income eligible children have been enrolled or offered a spot
At what point in the year must the program reach its 10% of disabilities
based on Funded enrollment how many times has the program fallen below 85% daily attendance
4 times August, September December and January
How is attendance monitored
Teacher takes attendance Teacher calls absent children teacher documents attendance Clerk calls for attendance and records it daily Clerk reports to management if large number of students are out from a single classroom Clerk sends emails to FSS if student is out 3 days and continues to send e-mails till child returns to class FSS contacts family through calls, emails, letters and home visits FSS assist families if necessary so they can return to school
Who is the attendance reported to
Attendance is reported at management, program, business, pc and board meetings
End Of Game