The Game Of Lifespan Brain Teaser

Name 2 physical changes that happen during adolescence
Body shape and height Breast development Periods Body hair
There is a larger percent of left handed people then right handed- true or false
Having a child during adulthood is what type of growth?
What percent of students report use of marijuana?
22 percent
What is genotype?
genetic code, cant be seen
Adolescence is ages what to what?
12 to 18
What is teratogens?
substances that can cause damage to a embryo
Who has the Trust vs Mistrust perspective?
The oral stage was the theory of who?
The loss of near vision is what type of domain?
Nature is learned traits from the environment, true or false
A child learned to take turns is what one of the three types of domain?
Phenotype is what?
Physical attributes of genes (seen)
What is the prenatal period?
Conception to birth
Getting married would be what one of the three domains?
Social emotional
Declines in key sex hormones are part of what in a woman?
How has Kohlberg's theory been criticized?
From theorists representing different perspectives
What is a major milestone of growth between 2 and 6?
Changes in height and weight
What is it called when a baby is delivered surgically through incisions?
The first 2 weeks of gestation is called what?
Germinal stage
How many trimesters are there in a pregnancy?
Formula feeding has been shown to be better then breastfeeding. True or false
Niche picking refers to_____
the process of selecting experiences on the basis of temperament
According to Piaget, children acquire the _____ function between 18 and 24 months
The parenting style that is high in maturity demands and control is the ____ style
By age ___ girls have attained about 94% of their adult height
what is the term intrapersonal?
The ability to understand oneself
19-20 year olds have more positive sense of self worth then at age 8-11. True or false
What is the second stage of Phinney's theory of ethnic identity?
ethnic identity search
What is a withdrawal of marijuana use?
anxiety, difficulty sleeping, decreased appetite
For Erikson the central crisis of early adulthood was ____ versus isolation
Surveys show that there are more than 2 million weddings every year. True or false
What are some factors that contribute to cancer?
Smoking, obesity, inactive lifestyle
What is the average age for menopause in the U.S?
What is the fastest growing subgroup of older adults?
oldest old
A sense of personal well being is known as what?
Life satisfaction
Elders preference for living in private home environments has led to a patter known as___
Aging in place
A important factor in determining when a woman will retire is pressure from her children. True or false
A period when vital signs are absent but resuscitation is still possible
Clinical death
Sanders suggests that the first stage of grief is____
End Of Game