The 5 Regions Of Vegetation Word Search Puzzle

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Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
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Vegetation involves plants and trees. There are five different types of vegetation, including tundra, grassland, ice sheet, desert, and forest. The most dominant variety of grasses are grasslands. They are open and flat areas of vegetation. Forest is a type of vegetation that features groups of trees that have leaves that cover the ground. Tundra doesn’t have a lot of trees. Due to a tundra’s cold climate, it is difficult for trees to grow. A desert doesn’t receive as much precipitation as other vegetation regions. Special plants, such as a cactus, increase in the desert. An ice sheet region doesn’t have any vegetation. Ice sheet regions include Greenland and Antarctica.

Words In This Word Search

Oak, Chestnut, Pine, Linden, Tea, Daisy


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