Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
Find words as fast as possible to win.


"The Office" is a funny television show which portrays typical personalities seen in a regular office. The main character is Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell. He plays as a manager of a company that produces paper. He is annoying to the others in the office and seems lonely. He challenges others and looks socially awkward. Jim Halpert is a laid-back, easy-going, and smart man who came later in the seasons. This word search puzzle consists of some of the famous characters of The Office show. Spot the characters and win the game.

Words In This Word Search

D Schrute, Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert, Andy Bernard, T Flenderson, Gabe Lewis, Kevin Malone, Erin Hannon, Kelly Kapoor, Jan Levinson, Holly Flax


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