Urology Word Search Puzzle

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Urology is a branch of medicine focused on surgical and medical processes involved in treating diseases of a person's urinary tract system like kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, ureters and urethra, and the male reproductive organs such as testes, vas deferens, prostate, and epididymis. For a person to become a urologist, he or she must undergo a post-graduate surgical training period for a minimum of five to twelve months of which must be completed in general surgery, 36 months in clinical urology, and the remaining twelve months in general surgery, urology, or other disciplines related to urology. This word search contains several words related to urology, such as urinary, extra, dialysis, and nocturia. Can you find all the hidden words?

Words In This Word Search

Systemic, Dialysis, Etra, Urinary, Oliguria, Nocturia, Enuresis, Dysuria


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