Hogwart Characters Brain Teaser

I am kind. I am clever. I am beautiful. who am I?
Hermione Granger
i am kind. i am brave. I have a pet owl. Who am I?
Harry Potter
I am crazy. My best friend is a gryffindor. i am kind. I am brave. I am clever. Who am I?
Luna Lovegood
I am mardy. I am loyal. I have a pet owl. Who am I?
Ronald Weasley
I am kind. I am shy. i like herbology who am i?
Neville Longbottom
i am a girl. I am a gryffindor. my bff is a ravenclaw. who am I?
Ginny Weasley
End Of Game
If you are a Harry Potter fan, guess who the characters are in this following brain teaser and see if you can guess the characters based on the Hogwarts houses. Try your luck and see if you can solve it all.

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