Word Scramble Game

  • Point and click on start button with cursor and mouse to begin.
  • Use mouse to click and drag letters around to form proper words. Click submit to enter it before time runs out.
  • Continue rearranging new groups of letters until you have completed all five rounds.
  • Clicking the hint button will help you if you get stuck and cannot find the word.
  • The faster you advance, the higher your score will be.

Time is of the essence in this letter arranging game. You must be able to find the right word within the scrambled letters before your time runs out. The faster you do it, the higher the scores. The challenge to decipher the hidden word among the jumbled letters will test your knowledge and exposure to different English words. Put on the added difficulty to formulate the correct word while the timer burns through the milliseconds that youÂ’re working with. Then you have the perfect recipe for a mind-boggling, intellectual experience.

But wait, all is not lost. There is still hope for everyone. The Hint button will reveal the wordÂ’s meaning for you. It will provide a lifeline for the walking dictionaries, who can decipher words though their meanings. So freshen up on your vocabulary skills to prepare you for this free online word scramble game. Each second that passes for each time you guess, will be essential to the final score that you can accumulate in the end. With just a limited number of chances per game, make sure you get the words as fast as you can. Be the top scorer of all time and share it with your friends, if they are up to the challenge of dethroning you. Play Word Scramble as much as you can, and get smarter with each game you play. The pressure is on.