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The flute is a beautiful and delicate instrument that is played in virtually every band and orchestra. It creates a pure, lovely note that is similar to the call of a songbird. But the flute is capable of much more the simple, sweet tunes. A flute can tear up and down scales in the right hands, trill wildly, and be anything but simple. Of course, it takes the talents of a true master to accomplish this, and this word search puzzle has the names of 12 such masters hidden inside. Give it a try and see just how many of these famous flutists you can find.

Words In This Word Search

James Galway, H Chaurasia, Marcel Moyse, E Pahud, Herbie Mann, J Baxtresser, Robert Aitken , Julius Baker, Paula Robison, Robert Dick, Aurele Nicolet, Bill Mcbirnie


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