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Vowel-Consonant-Consonant-Vowel, or VCCV, is a pattern in English grammar wherein a word will contain a vowel, followed by two consecutive consonants, followed by another vowel in that order anywhere in the word – sometimes multiple times. In terms that feature the VCCV pattern, the break-in syllables usually come in between the two consonants. For example, "summon" is a two-syllable word with the break being between the two m's in the VCCV pattern of u-m-m-o. The same can be said for the four-syllable word "champion," – with the VCCV pattern of a-m-p-i separating the two central syllables in the word. See how many VCCV words you can spot in this puzzle!

Words In This Word Search

Pigment, Vulture, Gallop, Fragment, Valley, Kennel, Champion, Summon, Dentist, Costume, Winter, Trumpet


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