Balloons Game


1. The goal is pop as many balloons with the darts
2. Move the mouse to aim your dart
3. Watch the arrow gauge – the fuller it is, the further the dart will shoot
4. Once you’re ready, left click to shoot!


What could be more fun than popping balloons? The goal in
balloons is to use darts and pop all of the balloons. The more balloons you destroy
at one, the higher your score. At each level, you will only have a certain
number of darts, so shoot carefully! The arrow gauge determines how powerful
the shot will be – the more full it is, the further your darts will shoot. At the
end of the level, you will receive a score based on how many darts you used and
how many you had left over. Are you a dart shooting expert with a passion for
popping balloons? If so, get in on this exciting and addicting game now!