Colour Balls Game


1) The goal is to identify the balls with the names matching their true color
2) You will be shown several balls – only one will have a color that matches the name of the color written on it


Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you, especially when words and colors don’t match up. In Colour Balls, you must select the colored balls which are labeled with the correct color terms. For example, a red ball should be marked by the term "red", so click on that one. However, the game tricks you, and a blue ball might have the word “green” written on it – this is a trap! As the levels progress, you’ll have to identify more balls while sorting through the fake ones. Can you make it all the way through level 8? While it might sound easy to sort through colored balls, distinguishing between what your brain sees and your mind thinks is pretty hard! Get in on the action of Colour Balls now!