Play Father And Son Game Online

How to Play Father And Son ?

1) Watch the cartoon leading up to a parental decision
2) Select the choice you thing is best, and watch your child develop into adulthood


Raising children is the most rewarding thing a man can do, but wouldn't it be better if it didn't involve having to change nappies and spend lots of money? Well now you have the opportunity to do just that, thanks to the exciting Father And Son game. It's a parenthood simulator that will challenge you with some of the most important choices that a father has to make. Depending on the choices you make, your son will become a huge success in life, or possibly a failure, or even worse, a bully! The fantastic graphics and fun gameplay of this game make fatherhood more fun than ever before, and you can play it whether you're male or female, and whether you're nine or ninety.