Heroicants Game


1) The goal is to go the furthest distance
2) Click on the leaf and pull back on the leaf catapult to launch your ant
3) As your ant falls through the air, click on the wings or the morning dew droplet to go further


Heroic Ants is a big journey starring little heroes! In the beautiful outside world, your ants are determined to travel as far as possible using their self-made leaf catapult. Pull back on the leaf catapult to launch your ant. Once your ant is airborne, click on the wings to fly even higher. Once your ant is falling back down, use your morning dew bubble to help ease your fall. Along your flight, your ant will encounter helpful plants to help you travel a greater distance. At the end of your ant’s epic journey, the distance will be calculated – hopefully it ends well! Heroic Ant is cute, powerful, and full of adventure!