Hourglasses Game


1) The goal is to get the hourglasses to add up to 15 and then 24 without going over or under 2) Click on one of the hourglasses to start the game 3) Wait for sand to run through the hourglass and calculate which move to make next to add up to 15 and 24


Hourglass Problem is a simple math game that tests your ability to add and subtract quickly. The goal in Hourglass Problem is to measure 15 minutes and 24 minutes by using only a 7-minute and an 11-minute hourglass. You are given two hourglasses in the game and you must use your wit and skill to make them calculate 15 and then 24. The numbers at the top and the bottom of the hourglasses indicate the corresponding minutes in which the sand will flow. When the sand in one of the hourglasses has run out, the other hourglass will stop. While it may sound easy, you’ll be challenged in this unique game of patience, math, and resourcefulness.