Jars Game


1) Move jars under the water fall to fill themselves
2) Water can be transferred between jugs
3) Empty jars onto the flower bed
4) Collect exactly 6 liters of water to complete the game


You have two jars in front of you of different sizes, and your task is to use them to get exactly 6 liters of water in the tallest jar. Nearby there's a rushing water fall which you can use to easily fill up a jar, and there's also a flower bad where you can empty a jar. How hard can it be to get 6 liters into one jar, when you play this challenging Water Jars game, you'll soon find out. It will test your powers of logic and calculation to the full, but if you need a little help you can obtain a hint at the start. It's the most fun you can have in front of your computer screen, so try to solve it as quickly as you can. Ready, steady, pour!