Kakuro Daily Deluxe Game


Fill all the squares with number from 1 to 9, following these rules.

  • The number in each group of horizontal or vertical connected blocks can not repeat;
  • The number in each group of horizontal (vertical) connected blocks sum up to the number of the left (top) of the group

Squeeze those mathematical juices with this Sudoku-type mental activity. This number challenge is guaranteed to tease your brain! Kakuro Puzzle is a game that is fast becoming popular online. You will need to complete the series of horizontally and vertically connected squares. The first square on every line indicates a number, which is the total amount of each series. A number is restricted from appearing more than once in the group, make sure that you take note of this, or else you won't successfully complete the challenge. The goal here is to finish the game as quickly as you could. The shorter the time it takes for you to finish it, the higher your score will be. Compete with yourself by making sure that you fill in the squares correctly, faster and faster, every time you attempt to complete the puzzle. You will be given hints but do your best to avoid using them because this will warrant you with time penalties. If you're looking for a good game to pass the time, then you should definitely try this one. Give your brain that much-needed exercise, and start playing this now! Allow yourself to indulge, enjoy, and solve your way to beating your personal best!