Mahjongg Game

In this game you remove mahjonggs by picking them by pairs. You can only pick a mahjongg if it is on the top of the stack and it can be reached from the left or from the right. You need to pick the mahjonggs strategically because a single mahjongg can block the access of a lot of mahjonggs, so it is wise to pick such mahjonggs first.

A keen eye will help you find the matching tile, while an analytical mind will tell you which tiles to open up first. Based on the popular Chinese Mahjong, Mahjongg Game takes the essential rules, game play, and fun to the online 3D Mahjong stage. Choose between the traditional and beautiful Mahjong symbols and the modern alpha numerical tiles to familiarize yourself with the Mahjong stack. Take out the top tiles first to allow you to pick out those pairs that you find. The tiles at the bottom will be a tough challenge for you since they can only be revealed when you take out the top tiles first. It will also be challenging to pick certain tiles if they are beneath another tile. Muster up all your mahjong brain to strategically pick out pairs, while saving other tiles for later, as they may be critical in uncovering the rest of the tiles.

If you think it's as easy as it seems, wait until you get to the bottom layers. You'll discover that some tiles that you just simply picked off will have pairs that are stuck under another pile of tiles. The worst part of it all is that you might run out of options if your tiles that you need to free up, will have its pair stuck and unable to pick out. Mahjongg Game is truly frustrating if you fail, but deeply satisfying if you succeed.