Music Game


1) Memorize what the notes and keys mean
2) Press the right key to reproduce the note on the screen
3) You only get 5 wrong guesses before the music's over


If you love listening to or playing piano music then the fun and educational Piano Notes game is the perfect way to spend a little of your spare time. The great thing about this challenging game is that it won't just challenge your recall and reflexes; it also teaches you how to read music. You'll see a treble clef followed by music notes float across the screen. At the bottom is a piano. Press the right key at the right time to replicate the note, before you lose all five lives. Don't worry if you don't know which key plays which note, because you'll be shown this at the start of the game. The challenge comes with remembering which key and which note is which. That's the fun part as well, of course, so are you ready to become a new Mozart?