The 60 Second Brain Game


In this game, you will SEE and HEAR things at the same time.  Your task will be to respond to some of the information and ignore other information.

The entire exercise takes about three minutes, and has three parts:

  1. Tutorial
  2. A 30-second Practice
  3. The Game

Make sure that you have the sound up on your computer or you are wearing headphones!


Tired of the usual, easy and predictable online games you see all the time? Are you looking for something that could really give your brain one hell of a spin? Well, don't we have just the perfect game for you! If you like challenging your head and senses of sight and sound, then get your computers out, sit back, and enjoy this quick 60-second mind tease that will make you stay indoors all day! For one magical minute, you will go through a tutorial that you will need to pay the closest attention to, a 30-second practice to prepare you for the mega brain quiz that's coming, and then, the much awaited game that you will have to win with every nerdy fiber in you. Your main task would be to distinguish which information you should pay attention to, and which information you should ignore. This is basically the tricky part. It will drive you crazy enough to make you wonder why such a good game could only last for one actual minute?! So, take those hidden brain food out because it's time to stuff yourself with it, so that you'll be prepared for this online brain battle that you should definitely try!