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A mineral is a naturally occurring substance made of a single chemical compound. The more general term "rock" refers to aggregates, that is substances composed of multiple distinct minerals. In order to be considered a mineral, the substance must meet a few other qualifications. It must be stable at room temperature. Water ice and mercury are two exceptions to this rule, grandfathered in before the modern definition. Minerals must also be naturally occurring, that is not synthesized or man-made, and must not be the result of a biological process. Finally, minerals must have an ordered atomic arrangement. Most minerals are crystals, which have their atoms ordered in a regular lattice, but some minerals may be aperiodic and are not strictly speaking crystals.

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Extrusive, Intrusive, Igneous, Crystal, Crystalline, Crystallography, Rock, Mineral, Composition, Laval, Magma, Inorganic, Aggregate, Chemical, Compound


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