Biomes Brain Teaser

Name the biome shown
Name the biome shown
Name the biome shown
What is this diagram showing?
Rain Shadow Effect
What biome (s) will be on the dry side of the mountain
Desert and Grassland
What biome (s) will be on the side with the most rain
Climate is made of two feature: _______________ and __________________.
Temperature and Rainfall
What biomes will be found in humid and warm conditions?
Can deserts be found near the equator?
What is an anomaly?
An anomaly is an outlier in the pattern or trend.
What is salinity?
Salinity is the salt level rising to the surface.
What are the effects of salinity?
The salt on the surface causes vegetation to die. This means farm lands will be rendered useless.
What causes salinity?
What is erosion?
Erosion is where the wind and water removes the top soil as there are no roots keeping the soil in place.
What is the consequence of erosion?
Erosion causes seeds to be unable to grow. This means there will be no vegetation and biomes or farmlands can be destroyed.
What does pristine mean?
Pristine means that is untouched and unpolluted.
End Of Game