Cyber Wellness Brain Teaser

What are fake news? 1. F____ F____ 2. N______ O________
1. False Facts 2. Narrow Opinions
What is Fact Checking?
To verify/check if the facts (news) are true.
What are 5 ways to spot fake news?
1. Look for unusual URLs 2. Inspect the layout 3. Dig deeper 4. Cross-check 5. Reverse image search
Why does fake news spread so fast?
There are many people who cannot identify fake news. It is interesting and makes people curious. So, they share whatever they see.
What does G.U.T. stands for?
G - Good, U - Useful, T - True
What do people share online?
1. Photos (including embarrassing photos/videos) 2. Personal information 3. Information and news
How can we share responsibly online?
When you see any news or pictures, fact check first. If it is fake, do not share. Remember, stop, think and do!
End Of Game