Features Of MS Outlook! Brain Teaser

What does the Forward action mean in Outlook?
To send the email to another recipient.
What is the different between 'reply' and 'reply all'?
'Reply' means replying to the sender whereas 'reply all' means that you are sending your response to all who recipients of the first email.
What is the address book?
The address book contains all the emails of a company.
What is the symbol of a calendar on MS Outlook and what do you use it for?
The calendar is used to organise meeting and events that has been involved in your emails.
Where can you go to find your previous sent emails with another person?
Go to sent items and search bar.
What does CC mean?
CC is used to tag another person into the email to they have the information which is intended between the sender (From) and recipient (To).
What is the subject line? Why is it important?
The subject line is the name of the message. It give the recipient the key idea of the message and makes it easy for the sender and recipient to find it later.
How do you highlight to the recipient that this email is important? What does the symbol look like?
Select "High importance". The symbol is an exclamation mark (!).
Which tab will you select to change the format of your message?
Format Text
What function will you use to help organise your emails?
End Of Game